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Or click the Join Our Family button here . You will be taken to a screen where you choose the region you are in and the language. On the next page you will be asked to read terms and conditions and then tick the I agree box and press the continue button.

Fill out all the Boxes – you will see my user name and my Sponsor id  look instantly younger

The Main site url box – fill in the name for your business. Please do not choose anything with the name Jeunesse, Instantly Ageless or any of the other Jeunesse Products, as this is against copyright rules.

Create a password and confirm password.

Continue filling in the rest of the boxes

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You will then get an email from support at Jeunesse Global, giving you a temporary password. The email also gives you the url to the backoffice and your login details. You can then reset your password and security details.

There is a 7 day cooling off period and during that time, I will send you more information on how to get your business started.  If you are on Facebook I will invite you to our Team Groups.

If you are unsure of anything send me an email to: and I will reply as soon as I can.

When you become part of our team, we will support you in making your business a success.

Welcome to the Jeunesse Team πŸ™‚ x